The rainforest in Dominica holds many secrets.

Mermaid's Secret

On the site of a former Eco Lodge we have developed Mermaid's Secret into a comfortable and pleasant rainforest hideaway.  Substantial improvements have been made which we are confident will greatly enhance our guests enjoyment during their stay. 

Although not carrying on completely with the Eco theme we endeavour to be as 'Green' as possible within the constraints of modern living and the comfort of our guests. 

Each cabin has a solar hot water system supplemented with an electric shower.  We use low energy 'A' rated refrigerators, low energy light bulbs and solar lights where suitable.  We compost our food waste and recycle glass and plastic at the islands newly developed recycling scheme. 

Our water is pumped from the clean, fresh Rosalie River and stored in a reserve tank.  We have recently constructed and are developing a Ram Pump system which will pump our water totally free of any power source (you can see how this works by clicking here) and is the ultimate Eco Friendly device.  We also have ceramic water filtration systems to ensure that the pumped water is always clean ans ready to drink. 

We are supplied by the power company in Dominica which provides some of the power via hydro generation (and are currently investigating Thermo power generation) and so we have 240v AC power outlets. 

In our 'Secret Garden' we are growing many organic vegetables for our guests to enjoy (subject to availability).  We have planted over 30 fruit trees and have well established coconut, paw paw, lime, tangerine, guava, star fruit and mango trees within the grounds.  Nothing beats a fresh drink of coconut 'jelly nut' water on a hot afternoon (rum can also be added!!!).  We have chickens and ducks providing us with fresh eggs daily. 

Mermaid's Secret is a labour of love and has endless potential for future developments to enhance the environment and capitalise on its natural features and assets.  We have a small area of forest in which we hope to construct a secluded tree-house for a private night in the rainforest canopy.  A dry river bed may well become a series of gentle water cascades and our secret island is yet to be fully explored.  

We invite you to come and enjoy a stay with us and help us unlock the true secret of our little corner of paradise in Dominica.